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Hair Growth Stimulation Oil promotes volume, shine, hydration of the scalp, and much more. Blended with all-natural organic oils with vitamins for your scalp to absorb for fast and healthy hair growth.

Anointing Oil Scalp Therapy

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  • Black-Seed Oil

    Studies show that Black-seed oil helps maintain scalp health


    Safflower Oil

    Safflower oil stimulates blood circulation to promote hair growth. It also contains high amounts of oleic acid, which sinks into the scalp easily.


    Jamaican Black Castor

    Moisturize, thicken, strengthen and rapidly increase hair growth. Increases blood flow to the scalp, supplying valuable nutrients to the hair follicles


    Avocado Oil

    Avocado oil is extremely rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats, making it one of few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize your hair, rather than sitting on top and coating your hair. These fats also strengthen the hair shaft and help prevent breakage


    Lavender Oil

    Lavender oil has gained a lot of attention for stimulating hair growth 


    Organic Coconut Oil

    coconut oil nourishes the scalp and helps remove sebum build-up from hair follicles which promotes hair growth and combats dandruff. 


    Rosemary Oil

    Promotes Regrowth of hair


    Grapeseed Oil

    One of the primary benefits of grapeseed oil is that it works as a natural sealant to keep moisture in the hair follicle



    Thyme can help promote hair growth by both stimulating the scalp and actively preventing hair loss


    Vitamin E 

    Has natural antioxidant effects that help promote  hair growth and support a healthy scalp.


    Ylang Ylang

    Strengthens hair follicles reduces excess oil secretion from the sebaceous glands


    Abyssinian Oil

    C ontains very high levels of unsaturated fatty acids which add shine to the hair and moisture to the scalp 

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