GLAM QUEEN          $150/month

These days we all have memberships for everything. Why not have a membership for your hair right? Let me guess... you're a professional woman who likes to keep her hair right! You like to turn heads when you walk by. You like consistency, especially when it comes to your hair and your stylist. You aren't a "Do It Yourself" kind of woman. Do you want your hair healthy without the hassle of trying to find an open appointment? You love free gifts and discounts that you can share with your family. You are a V.I.P! Does this sound like you? Check out whats included!



  • -2 Silk Press or Blow-dry & Style a month

  • -Recurring booking capabilities

              -Receive a welcome gift 

            -Access to member's only appointments

                  *Glam refresh & relaxers

       -Discount on additional services

  • -10% off retail products (in-store only)

  • -Birthday Gift

  • -Exclusive access to KMS sponsored events, giveaways, and promotions.

              -2 Add-on services

                    *trim or deep conditioner

  • -Unused services can be rolled over

  • -No deposits needed

  • -No late cancellation fees

  • -Cancel membership at anytime

***Length, Detangling and Curl Fee will apply if applicable. Membership may be cancelled at any time, without any penalty. Cancellations cannot be done over the phone. Only in-store or via email at Any unused prepaid services must be redeemed within 90 days of membership cancellation or they will expire. Members are responsible for maintaining a valid credit card on file. The membership fees will recur monthly until cancelled by the member. The monthly fee will be charged automatically and approximately on the same day of the month that the original purchase was made. One no show will redeem one Press or Blow-dry for the month. 2 no shows within 30 days will void membership and the prepaid services will be redeemed to cover the no shows and Membership cannot be reinstated for 90 days. 3 late arrivals within 30 days will void membership and membership cannot be reinstated for 90 days. There will be a 15 minute window allowed for late arrivals. Anything more than 15 minutes will need to be rescheduled. 10% discount cannot be used towards monthly membership fee.***